Discovery of flavor combinations based on distillates and infusions. Liquids design, recipes engineering, signature macerates. Heartfelt mixology and experience of gustatory and aromatic discoveries.


Vida Consultancy provides solutions to businesses in Hospitality industry, aimed to transform and optimize all operation cycles and covering all aspects of Bar Management We prioritize the signature approach to your business, identifying your features and strengthening each element of the bar's structure.

Our Services

  • Bar optimization

    Analysis of the current bar structure, audit control and sales overviewing to identify strengths and weaknesses of a bar operation to build further strategy. Inventory and stock clearance to cut the cost. Comparison of suppliers offers in order to build beneficial cooperative conditions. Sales motivation and pushstrategies for turnover increasing.SOP and check-documentary development.

  • Menu engineering

    Signature beverage menu development based on a target audience profile, region specification and competitiveness. Complex filling menu with categories such as Signature cocktails, House Infusions, Twisted classics, Gin&Tonic and Sangria Specials, Mocktails.

  • Team generation

    Staff recruitment and team structure building. Distribution of areas of responsibilities for the continuous bar operation. Staff trainings. Development of educational program dedicated to the bar history, mixology techniques, alcohol production and brands knowledge.

  • Quality assurance

    Full control according to service and hygiene standards. Organization of equipment and working station. Complete aftercare package to monitor bar performance.

  • Bar presentability

    Uniqueness and high quality of service. Delivering of ideology of consumption and unforgettable experience of each guest


We cultivate mixology as

A liquid art